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Dwayne Scott

Dwayne Scott


Welcome to the Dwayne ScottDwayne Scott is for Dwayne Scott Tribute page with a Dwayne Scott Bio, Dwayne Scott Pictures, Dwayne Scott Official Site, Dwayne Scott Links and more.  So all Dwayne Scott Fans enjoy your visit at Dwayne Scott.

Dwayne Scott Bio - Dwayne Scott Pictures

Full Name: Dwayne Scott
Date Of Birth: 1972
Place Of Birth: ?
Bands: FacePlant
Falling Manic
Type of Guitars: ?
Other Instruments: Drums
Bass Guitar
Official Website: www.FallingManic.com
Date Of Death: Still Strumming
Cause Of Death: Still Strumming
Other: Started playing music at the 
age of 12.


Dwayne Scott Biography

Dwayne Scott Biography

Dwayne Scott Bio

Their is so many Dwayne Scott Bios out there.  This Dwayne Scott Bio is for the Dwayne Scott Fans that want the Facts.

Dwayne has always been a huge music fan. He started playing drums, bass, and guitar at about 12 yrs of age. Now, 23 years later, he is the guitarist and a founding member of Falling Manic. Dwayne has never gone the route of cover music…well maybe just once for a week at age 17 for about 3 jams…but we won’t talk about that! Dwayne started taking bass guitar seriously in his teens, adopting it from his older brother whose bands inspired him as he was growing up. In 1992 Dwayne landed the bass player role in a band that went on to be quite popular and even made it to much music, but that effort collapsed due to controversy between the singer and guitarist. Never one to give up, Dwayne went on to play in a few different acts and settled on the role of lead vocalist in The Dow Jones Index in 1997. Not quite satisfied with that situation, the day came when Dwayne, jamming with some musicians in Newcastle, was approached by a vocalist who had noticed Dwayne’s fantastic guitar talent and songwriting ability.  Formed in March of 1999, FacePlant was the original band, making their first album FacePlant, but after replacing the drummer  the band was once again set back by the depature of the vocalist  leaving just Dwayne Scott on lead guitar and Patrick Bolahood on bass guitar and the new drummer,, shortly he quit aswell.  but now know as Falling Manic, due to trade mark issues with the name FacePlant  they now have a new drummer Eric Abrahams and are looking for a Vocalist.  Falling Manic is intent on becoming a recognized force in rock. Falling Manic is looking forward to growing their audience and leaving a solid, firm impression on those who take a moment to listen. And their second release which is soon to be upon you , is a long labour of sweat and big patience of many set backs along the way ... but well worth the wait as you know ... So enjoy and long live FALLING MANIC.

Dwayne Scott Bio from Falling Manic

Dwayne Scott Links

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